Bespoke Knutsford Kitchens Elegance in Every Room

A Knutsford Kitchen Project

Bluebell Fitted Furniture is known as being one of the top choices for elegant and long-last, bespoke furniture across towns in Cheshire, where we have worked on countless projects to bring our client’s ideas to life.

Bespoke Kitchen Design

Here is an example of a bespoke kitchen furniture project we worked on in the town of Knutsford, transforming a crowded family kitchen into a modern and elegant cooking and dining space. This was a major redesign that included entirely new flooring and furniture, using a cool grey colour scheme across all the materials to make the room feel a lot lighter which helped open up the whole space.

As well as building and fitting new cabinets and cupboards around the edges of the kitchen, we also designed a unique kitchen island for the centre of the room that included a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit and breakfast bar at one side. This created an incredible centrepiece in their kitchen that doubled as a storage solution, and incorporating a dining area into the island unit as well meant that the whole kitchen space could become more functional, which was ideal for busy family mornings.

If you feel like your kitchen space needs a revamp like this one, and want high-quality, long-lasting and bespoke furniture designed precisely with your needs in mind, get in touch to arrange a showroom visit or home consultation with Bluebell Fitted Furniture.