Transform your Dressing Area

Our talented team will create a calm oasis where there is a place for everything. From beautiful design details to clever storage ideas, our bespoke wardrobe collection will make a fabulous addition to your bedroom or dressing area.

If you have the luxury of a separate dressing area, we can design this space around your requirements to ensure you have plenty of space and your items are organised and easily accessible.

Awkward or unusual spaces pose no problem for the Bluebell team. Whatever size or shape, we will find a solution that fits perfectly and makes the most of every inch of space. 

And lets not forget the all-important dressing table! With space for all your cosmetics, stunning mirror designs and integrated lighting, not only will this area be beautiful but practical too.

Need space for some media in your design? We recently installed this stunning furniture which ensures all cables are neatly tucked away, leaving you with a clutter-free space in which to relax and unwind.