That’s my Business

What we do

We manufacture bespoke furniture, both fitted and freestanding, to enhance any area within our clients’ homes. The areas we particularly specialise in are bedrooms/dressing rooms, kitchens, home offices and media areas.

What makes us special

We are a small family business and offer a huge range of styles and materials, whether you’re looking for something modern, contemporary or more traditional. We have a team of talented designers who create fantastic CAD drawings showing you a virtual reality of what your room will look like before you place an order. We build furniture to fit your room exactly. They’re not template or ‘off-the-shelf’. Because we employ all of our fitters we are able to ensure first class quality from start to finish. I would strongly advise anyone looking to have fitted furniture in their homes to make sure they don’t subcontract their fitters!

How Bluebell came to be

Customers often ask us and the short answer is ‘dance & destiny’. In my early career I was a principal dancer with The

Bluebell Girls, a world-renowned Paris dance troupe famed for their spectacular performances. It was an incredibly exciting and inspiring time and one that instilled in me a love of elegance, beauty and precision in everything I do. Sadly there comes a time for every Bluebell to retire but the work ethic and confidence this gave me I carried forward as I transitioned into a career in sales and subsequently to setting up my own business, with my husband Mike.

Bluebell is a family business [Alison’s son Josh has now joined the team too] born out of an extraordinary life experience and a passion for bringing elegance and beauty into your home.

Business person I most admire

I imagine most people choose someone well known when asked this question, but in 2013 I was given a wonderful opportunity when I was accepted onto the ‘10,000 Small Businesses Programme’, sponsored by Goldman Sachs. Lily Newman, from Morgan James Consulting, was one of my fantastic mentors and undoubtedly inspired me in helping us grow our business, so much so that at the end of last year we expanded into a new factory just off Atlantic Street in Altrincham, which is more than double the size of our previous factory.

The secret of our success

We consistently strive to source the best raw materials to create unique furniture for our clients. We listen and we care because we know you’re making an important investment in your home. We were the first company in our industry outside of London to have been offered the ‘Which Trusted Trader’ accreditation and we are very proud of this.