Bluebell Goes Green!

All businesses are aware of the need to consider the environmental impact of what they do.  When your business includes a manufacturing arm, there are many areas for consideration.

It’s often the case that although you may have a niggling voice in your head reminding you that you need to do something… often that voice stays as a voice in your head and never gets translated into actually doing anything.  There is always something more pressing, more urgent and often, if we hold our hands up, something less scary and huge than the whole “green” thing!

We were lucky enough to meet the Business Growth Hub’s Green Growth service, which has been a great thing for us here at Bluebell.

They have not only explained the situation but spent real time with us analysing our business and how it could be not only more environmentally friendly, but also, incredibly cost efficient for us.

As a result of our meetings, we’ve implemented a plan of action and we’re really excited about it all, especially the cost savings to us!

Heating:  We’re installing an air heating unit which is fuelled by waste wood from our manufacturing operations… why didn’t we think of that?!! Not only do we save money on reduced waste costs, but also are saving money by using our own fuel!  This is going to save us a massive £6000 a year!

Solar Panels:  By installing solar panels, we’ll be saving ourselves about £5000 a year

Lighting:  We have upgraded our lighting to make it more energy efficient and this is reaping huge savings.

The Green Growth’s Environmental Business Advisors were great in not only helping us see more clearly how we could benefit from a few changes, but also finding us really substantial cost savings.

We’d definitely recommend them!  If you’d like to get in touch with them, give them a shout on 0161 359 3050, email or visit

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