How to Design the Perfect Child’s Bedroom

A child’s bedroom is a lesson in the art of design. Not only does it need to look great but it also needs to be practical – that means storage – and plenty of it! We asked our talent-ed bedroom designers and in-house installation team what tips they can offer when planning a child’s bedroom and how best to combine functionality and style. Here’s what they had to say:

Keep it Simple
When it comes to the walls, our team advise keeping it neutral, you can add colour in accessories and soft furnishings which are much easier to replace as your child grows up and asks for a change of style.

Light It Up
Lighting can really transform a room, think about spotlights for dressing areas and softer lighting for reading, also make sure a study area is well lit so homework isn’t such a chore. Fairy lights can offer a softer touch too and can be easily changed when a more grown-up look is required.

Zone Out
Think about separating your child’s room into ‘zones’ – a play area, study space and, of course, room to relax and sleep, think about what they’ll need in these areas and deco-rate accordingly. For example, include plenty of desk space for the study zone and per-haps bean bags and a reading lamp for a chill-out area.

Hidden Gems
Hidden storage can be a godsend in a child’s bedroom – think pull-out drawers, shelves and cupboards. Look at clever places to store shoes and coats and integrate them into your initial design. It’s amazing how much additional space you can create when you re-ally start thinking about it.

It’s also a great idea to invest in some multi-use furniture, especially if you’re working with a smaller space. Why not consider fold-away beds, desks that can double as dressing ta-bles, shelves with hooks underneath or wardrobes with extra cupboards for toys.

Sweet Dreams
Bunk beds are a big win in a child’s bedroom – a fantastic way of maximizing space and a great chance to have a bit of fun too. They can be made to fit into a small space and by adding drawers and cupboards underneath or at the sides, can also provide addi-tional storage to save even more space. Bunk beds are great for sleepovers and save having to store spare mattresses or those dreaded blow-up beds for visitors.

A Little Help From My Friends
If you need a little help designing your child’s bedroom or are in desperate need of some additional storage solutions, please do feel free to give us a call. We also offer a compli-mentary consultation in the comfort of your own home where our team of friendly advisors can help you plan your scheme and bring it all together. We also work with a number of local interior designers who will be able to help you create the look and feel you’re aiming to achieve.

How to Design the Perfect Kitchen

How to Design the Perfect Kitchen

Designing a new kitchen is hugely exciting but can also be rather daunting. We find many of our clients have a style in mind but when it comes to the practical aspects they can feel a tad overwhelmed.

Luckily our team of expert designers and fitters have years of experience and know exactly what needs to be considered, as well as the look and feel, so we asked them what advice they’d offer to anyone undertaking a kitchen redesign and here’s what the had to say:

Reconnaissance Mission

Have a walk around your kitchen as it is now and consider what works and what doesn’t. What really niggles you and what do you find useful? Make a note and discuss with your kitchen designer at an early stage.

The Everyday

Think what you need your kitchen to do for you, if you’re a keen cook for example, you’ll need plenty of worktop space, a large fridge and freezer and space to store all your pans, gadgets and accessories.

The Technology

Make sure you plan for lots of electrical sockets and in the right places,

there’s nothing worse than deciding where you want your toaster but then not having a plug socket to match. Retractable sockets on islands are also a great addition when baking etc.

It’s all in the Storage

You can never have enough storage in a kitchen, we find draws are much easier to access than large cupboards so make sure you work out how you’re going to reach these spaces without having to delve into the back where you’re likely to forget the contents!

Think About the People

Are you planning to start or add to your family or are you keen on entertaining? Whatever your situation, check you’ve got room for everyone and also think about who will be using the space in the next five to ten years. It seems silly but circumstances do change and we want to future-proof your room as much as possible!

Go Green

Make sure you also consider recycling in your waste management. There are all sorts of nifty solutions out there to help with this and it will ultimately make your life much easier in the long run.

A Room with a View

Make sure you take into consideration the sight lines when designing your kitchen. Bear in mind how things will look from different angles and heights to ensure the look and feel you imagined is achieved.


Most importantly, be prepared to listen to advice and suggestions from the experts. We’ve been there, done it AND got the t-shirt so let us help you get the best kitchen you could dream of!

It’s Time To Celebrate!

It’s Time To Celebrate!
17th May 2017

We’ve had a busy few days at Bluebell and we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we have won the award for the Most Innovative Use of Space. at the annual H’fele Studio Partner Awards which we attended last week. The event took place at Marcus Wareing’s Michelin-starred Gilbert Scott Restaurant at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London and as well as a superb trophy, we also won an all-inclusive five-star trip to Dubai as part of the prize!

Show-Stopping Interior Design made simple

So you’re about to embark on some renovations? upgrading your bedroom, extending your kitchen or redesigning your home office perhaps? For some, this is an exciting challenge whilst for others it’s more of a headache. One thing is for sure that we’re all short on time, so making the process as simple as possible is essential and that’s where we can really help! From our initial consultation through to design, build, completion and furnishing, we’ll work our magic and bring your whole project together.

Not only do we have our own craftsmen and women at our Altrincham workshop, lovingly

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Bluebell Sponsor Sale Sharks!

As huge Rugby fans ourselves sponsoring our fantastic local team, Sale Sharks, felt like a great way to support the community. Sale Sharks run some fantastic local outreach programmes promoting sports, exercise and nutrition. They are also involved in The Urban Rugby Squad, a ground breaking initiative run by Premiership Rugby and its 12 clubs that has already helped 1,000 young people from disadvantaged communities across England tackle topics such as healthy relationships and anger management.