Bespoke Whitefield Kitchens Elegance in Every Room

Whitefield Kitchen Project

Bluebell Fitted Furniture work with numerous clients in Whitefield and other towns across Greater Manchester, applying our expert knowledge and experience creating bespoke home furniture to a wide variety of different kitchen projects.

Bespoke Kitchen Design

Our work in this home in Whitefield tackled a common kitchen problem; the room was narrow and so every inch of space needed to have its potential maximised. We replaced all of the old and outdated kitchen furniture to create a much more sleek and stylish storage solution in our client’s kitchen, providing a range of different drawers and cupboards that meant worksurfaces could be kept neat and tidy.

To make the kitchen feel bigger and lighter, our client chose a pale grey finish for all of their furniture, and our design included lighting above and below the cabinets to bring even more brightness to the space. New floor tiles complimented this colour scheme and made the whole room feel a lot more modern, as did a range of updated appliances that were designed to fit into our bespoke kitchen furniture.

If you’ve been looking for a company in Greater Manchester who can not only design the bespoke kitchen furniture that you’ve been looking for, but will also install it and oversee the whole project from start to finish, get in touch with Bluebell Fitted Furniture and talk to our team about the services we offer.