Ideal Home Show

It is an exciting time in the North West for home design…

If you’ve got plans to redecorate, update, or modernise your home, now is the perfect time to start.  If you know you want to change but don’t know where to start, or you have too many ideas going around inside your head to make sense of them, then you probably visited the Ideal Home Show which took place last week in Manchester.

We visit many design shows each year and this one is always a favourite.  Whether you have a substantial home project or want to add those finishing touches there is always plenty to be see.   However what we find is that with so much to take in it is often difficult to visualise how the items that you see which you love will fit into your chosen room!

So if you are now back at home sitting surrounded by brochure after brochure and not knowing where to start we may be help to help provide some clarity!  When a customer comes into see us to update and revamp a room we can offer them a complimentary design service.  Our design service uses modern CAD technology to produce a 3-D picture of how your new room will look.  You can then use this to help you visualise how everything else would come together.  Whether it’s as simple as samples of bedding, cushions, wallpaper or carpet, when used with the dimensions of your room, we will be able to imagine how the finished product would look.

If you would like to have a chat with one of our designers and help start to plan your new room then please get in touch.  We love to inspire!

That’s my Business

What we do

We manufacture bespoke furniture, both fitted and freestanding, to enhance any area within our clients’ homes. The areas we particularly specialise in are bedrooms/dressing rooms, kitchens, home offices and media areas.

What makes us special

We are a small family business and offer a huge range of styles and materials, whether you’re looking for something modern, contemporary or more traditional. We have a team of talented designers who create fantastic CAD drawings showing you a virtual reality of what your room will look like before you place an order. We build furniture to fit your room exactly. They’re not template or ‘off-the-shelf’. Because we employ all of our fitters we are able to ensure first class quality from start to finish. I would strongly advise anyone looking to have fitted furniture in their homes to make sure they don’t subcontract their fitters!

How Bluebell came to be

Customers often ask us and the short answer is ‘dance & destiny’. In my early career I was a principal dancer with The

Bluebell Girls, a world-renowned Paris dance troupe famed for their spectacular performances. It was an incredibly exciting and inspiring time and one that instilled in me a love of elegance, beauty and precision in everything I do. Sadly there comes a time for every Bluebell to retire but the work ethic and confidence this gave me I carried forward as I transitioned into a career in sales and subsequently to setting up my own business, with my husband Mike.

Bluebell is a family business [Alison’s son Josh has now joined the team too] born out of an extraordinary life experience and a passion for bringing elegance and beauty into your home.

Business person I most admire

I imagine most people choose someone well known when asked this question, but in 2013 I was given a wonderful opportunity when I was accepted onto the ‘10,000 Small Businesses Programme’, sponsored by Goldman Sachs. Lily Newman, from Morgan James Consulting, was one of my fantastic mentors and undoubtedly inspired me in helping us grow our business, so much so that at the end of last year we expanded into a new factory just off Atlantic Street in Altrincham, which is more than double the size of our previous factory.

The secret of our success

We consistently strive to source the best raw materials to create unique furniture for our clients. We listen and we care because we know you’re making an important investment in your home. We were the first company in our industry outside of London to have been offered the ‘Which Trusted Trader’ accreditation and we are very proud of this.

Bluebell Goes Green!

All businesses are aware of the need to consider the environmental impact of what they do.  When your business includes a manufacturing arm, there are many areas for consideration.

It’s often the case that although you may have a niggling voice in your head reminding you that you need to do something… often that voice stays as a voice in your head and never gets translated into actually doing anything.  There is always something more pressing, more urgent and often, if we hold our hands up, something less scary and huge than the whole “green” thing!

We were lucky enough to meet the Business Growth Hub’s Green Growth service, which has been a great thing for us here at Bluebell.

They have not only explained the situation but spent real time with us analysing our business and how it could be not only more environmentally friendly, but also, incredibly cost efficient for us.

As a result of our meetings, we’ve implemented a plan of action and we’re really excited about it all, especially the cost savings to us!

Heating:  We’re installing an air heating unit which is fuelled by waste wood from our manufacturing operations… why didn’t we think of that?!! Not only do we save money on reduced waste costs, but also are saving money by using our own fuel!  This is going to save us a massive £6000 a year!

Solar Panels:  By installing solar panels, we’ll be saving ourselves about £5000 a year

Lighting:  We have upgraded our lighting to make it more energy efficient and this is reaping huge savings.

The Green Growth’s Environmental Business Advisors were great in not only helping us see more clearly how we could benefit from a few changes, but also finding us really substantial cost savings.

We’d definitely recommend them!  If you’d like to get in touch with them, give them a shout on 0161 359 3050, email or visit

Growth Hub Logo

Spring has Sprung: Introducing our Bluebell Blog…

We’re so excited to be launching our first Bluebell blog alongside our new website. We hope you enjoy reading it. It’s going to be a regular thing and we’re really looking forward to sharing information about not only the Bluebell family and what we do, but also tips and news about the world of furniture, trends and new things that will help make your home the right and perfect home for you.
2014 was a great year for us and 2015 is an exciting one too! Our new website has been an amazing project and we’re so thrilled to be launching it now and sharing it with you. The new website is just part of amazing growth for us.

Alison completed the ‘10.000 Small Businesses’ programme sponsored by Goldman Sachs and following on from this wonderful experience Bluebell has relocated to a new factory double the size of their original one, just off Atlantic Street in Altrincham and taken on an additional 4 staff along the way!

If you’re not aware, Bluebell is very much a family business and has recently joined forces with Alison’s brother, Terry Cragg formally of A D Cragg & Son, who now looks after their customers flooring needs and together they enhance your living space all under one roof.
We pride ourselves on quality and eye for detail with a belief in good old fashioned customer service.

Family is all about building a unit that is solid and built on quality foundations, as is our furniture.

Family is about being realistic about affordable expectations – you can’t be living the high life with your family if you’ve not got the budget but you want the absolute best quality for the budget you have. Our quotes do just that. We pride ourselves on quality yet at an affordable price.

Family is about understanding that everyone is an individual and needs to be treated as such. It’s not one formula to suit everyone. We treat our clients in the same way. You are not, and will never be, the same as the customer who came in before you. We’re working with your home. There is nothing more personal than that and we work with you to find the individual solution most perfect for you.

And finally family is about giving each individual the courtesy, respect and attention they need to get the best results. And that’s what we work to with our customer service.

We hope that gives you a little insight into who we are and hope you enjoy reading the blogs that follow this one!