Transforming Your Home with Bluebell – A Customer Journey

Why did you choose Bluebell?

We have worked with the Bluebell team before and like that they are a local, family-run business. We choose Bluebell originally as we were recommended by a few people including Macclesfield-based home furnishing store, Bubblitex.

What was the brief to the Designers – did you have a clear idea of what you wanted?

We had a very clear idea of what we wanted and showed Stephen a few pictures of the design I was looking for. He was so easy to work with and instantly turned that into the exact design we were looking for. We knew the style we wanted but we also took inspiration from their fabulous showroom. I like to see the actual displays rather than just samples.

How did the CAD drawings help you decide on the final design?

The CAD drawings really bring the design to life. Stephen would create the design and we would meet and chat about different ideas and he would move things around. There were only a few tweaks to the original drawings to get the perfect design.

Did you have any tricky areas or issues in the rooms to overcome such as access or limited wall space and did you have any specific requirements Bluebell had to include or work around?

The study is a very small area. I wanted to create a space the whole family would use. I work from home, my husband likes to have his own space to work in, and we wanted somewhere for the children to do their homework. In lockdown, it has proven a vital space for our 13 year old who has lessons from 9am until 3pm each day and it’s such an amazing space for her to use rather than being in her bedroom all day.

What do you like most about working with Bluebell?

They are so easy to work with. I ask for a design and they provide. Really simple. I like things a little different. They also designed our daughter’s room which was a larger area and I didn’t want just a row of wardrobes. I gave 3 pictures to Stephen – a seating area, dressing table and wardrobes. Lighting is very important to me and they know I always add “warm white” to the specification. Stephen designed exactly what we were looking for. The same for the study. It was just so easy to work with him and he did everything we asked for. I don’t think we changed anything in the design.

What is your favourite part of each room and why?

I can honestly say I love everything about each room. I suppose with my daughter’s bedroom it’s the seating area, dressing table, and lighting. Anyone that has seen it said “wow” which is exactly the reaction I wanted. My daughter has the lights on low in the evening and relaxes after all the homeschooling. It’s such a lovely space. The study has had the same reaction. I’m usually not a very big fan of cool lighting but it looks amazing. Before the latest lockdown, all our zoom meetings were in the study (before our daughter took over!) and everyone has complimented us on it even though they only saw a little of the area.

How did you decide on the wall lighting concept?

Bluebell has a display wall in their showroom and as soon as I saw it, I loved and knew I wanted it that for the space. It’s a small area but we wanted it to feel great.

I’ve worked from home for a very long time now and my previous study became a place no one really wanted to use and I would end up using the kitchen table!

How did the process go from initial design consultation to fitting, did the team sort everything for you?

Yes they did. The fitters have all been so neat and tidy. We have had a new build house and renovated lots of properties and we were so impressed with the workmanship. The study and bedroom were both done during the current pandemic. They followed government guidelines completely and had to work around a busy house but we had minimal interruption from Bluebell being in our home.

Is there any clever storage or practical ‘tricks’ they have included in the design for you?

The study is a small area but I wanted to make sure the storage space incorporated the printer as I didn’t want it on show. Bluebell designed the unit with a pullout for the printer with a plug at the back for access to it. It’s so easy to use. I wanted everything to have a place. We have so much storage area with deep filing cabinets also – It’s just perfect.

How are the spaces working for you now they are finished?

My daughter is using the study for all her full day of zoom homeschooling. I’m so glad she feels comfortable in there and it has been amazing for her through the lockdown. My 8 year old son is actually using her dressing table for his zoom calls 3 times a week. It’s such a calming area for him and he really enjoys sitting at the dressing table and chatting with his friends and teacher. We all have our own areas to use and it’s working well. We are so lucky that we have these spaces, especially as the weather isn’t as good we are not all on top of each other!


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