Bluebell En Français!

It’s been a buy few weeks for the Bluebell Team, not just in our Sale HQ but some of our team members have been across (and ‘in’) the Channel to France! Here’s a round-up of what they’ve been up to..

Bluebell Girls Paris Reunion

Last month, our inspirational Founder and Director Alison Reuben jetted off to Paris for a very special occasion. More than 300 former Bluebell Dancers from all over the world came together at the Lido de Paris to celebrate the Bluebell Global Reunion. As you may or may not know, from the age of just 16, Alison was a Bluebell Dancer for a number of years so this was an emotional and enjoyable trip. We couldn’t be more proud of Alison, who went on to name our wonderful fitted furniture company after the iconic dance troupe.

James’ Channel Challenge

Alison is not the only member of our team who crossed the channel last month. Huge congratulations to our Designer James who, along with his friends from Rudyard Lake Youth Sailing Club, successfully completed their magnificent Cross Channel Challenge to raise money for the wonderful Maggies Centre Manchester.

The team sailed on Saturday, leaving Rye early in the morning and 7 hrs 1min and 45 seconds later, they arrived in Boulogne France. They couldn’t have wished for better weather and they even got a Supertanker to do a 360 degree about turn in the middle of a shipping lane to avoid them!

What an amazing achievement – we really are so proud of James and if you’d like to donate, simply click here. Many thanks to Carol Kane and the team at Boohoo who also came on board (excuse the pun!) to sponsor the team.

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