Introducing Bluebell-Made Shaker Doors

We are absolutely delighted to introduce you to our very own beautifully bespoke Shaker Doors. Made in house at our Altrincham factory by our talented craftsmen and women. This is one of our most exciting product launches and there are many reasons why we chose to design and manufacture our own shaker doors which are outlined in this newsletter.

Why Choose Bluebell-Made Shaker Doors?

Goodbye Vinyl – Hello Hard Wearing Quality. Not everyone will know that most high street shaker doors are actually vinyl wrapped MDF. Unfortunately this process is not very durable or hard wearing and after a while, once exposed to heat in your kitchen for example (such as steam from a kettle, toaster or hob) – they can very easily peel off. Our Bluebell-Made Shaker Doors are not made in this way and so peeling and degrading is not a problem – longevity of your beautiful new furniture is therefore guaranteed.

Bespoke And Made to Measure The beauty of our Bluebell-Made Shaker Doors is you’re no longer limited to shape, size or style (something you’ll find is still the case with many of our competitors). We make them completely bespoke. Have a tricky space or angle you need help with? – our doors are designed to fit the space perfectly. What’s more, the framework surrounding your doors can be changed to whatever specification and size you need – no having to compromise on style, shape or design with Bluebell!Matching Interiors With many high street companies, the inside of your doors will be standard white MDF – but with our Bluebell-Made Shaker Doors – all our interiors are the same colour and finish as the outside – making for not only a high end finish but also a sleeker, classier look.

Colour Collections Galore Most high-street retailers offer a limited amount of colours and finishes  – here at Bluebell, we match your doors to any colour and finish you wish, with well over 100 finishes. You can also choose from a smooth or grained finish to help achieve the look you desire.

Creative Customisation In the centre panel of a Bluebell-Made Shaker Door, you can also stick with the traditional shaker look with matching centre panel or we can add a mirror or glass in the centre. Alternatively, why not go for a beautiful feature product called Sibu?

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed It’s not just our Bluebell-Made Shaker Doors which make us different from your average high street retailer. When you choose Bluebell, you’re choosing a Family Business with over 26 years’ experience and a team of dedicated professionals whose sole aim is to bring your furniture to life and create the space of your dreams. From our designers to our installation team – everyone works directly for Bluebell and takes a huge amount of pride in their work, ensuring an unparalleled level of service from start to finish. What’s more, if you have any issues or snagging which needs addressing, a quick call to us and you know it will be dealt with straight away giving you that additional peace of mind.