10 steps to creating the perfect wardrobe.

Here at Bluebell we’ve spent a lot of time listening to the needs of our clients and the one thing that repeatedly comes up is the need for more organised storage. As we specialise in beautifully bespoke, handmade fitted furniture we find ourselves perfectly placed to give you some pointers on organising your space.

The big clear-out…. otherwise known as ‘the hardest bit’!

  1. Get the whole contents of your wardrobe, including accessories & spread them out on the bed. You’ll need 3 strong bin bags, one to go to the charity shop, one for clothes you’d like to sell and one for the tip!
  1. Take the time to try your clothes on, we can’t stress this enough! You may remember that it looks great, but how long since you wore it?


  1. Many of us feel strongly attached to items of clothing due to sentimentality rather than loving and wearing item in question. If you’ve loved an item why not take a picture of it and let someone else have the chance to enjoy it?
  1. When did you last wear it? A general rule is if you haven’t worn it for a year, you are unlikely to do so again, so all these can go in one of your chosen bin bags.
  1. Don’t keep ‘fat’ & ‘thin’ clothes! If you lost weight wouldn’t you rather treat yourself to something new? Keeping clothes in case you gain weight feels rather negative, so bin those too!!
  1. Do you have clothes that have waited years to be fixed? If they were that important you’d have already fixed them. While you’re there, bin all those nasty wire and plastic hangars, your clothes deserve better!
  1. Allow one or two exceptions! If it is a genuine vintage item that will increase in value, you may want to keep it. Likewise, if you have your granny’s beautiful fur stole, for example, it will probably be irreplaceable in terms of value and sentimentality.

Creating the perfect wardrobe…otherwise known as ‘the fun bit’!

To create your perfect streamlined wardrobe or dressing area you’re going to need some nice hangers, we recommend the black velvet ones as they are less bulky than wood. Also, some cedar or lavender to keep any moths at bay, trust us, it works.

A general rule here is the more you hang the more you’ll wear, if you don’t see it, you won’t remember it.


  1. Don’t hide clothes away. This applies to handbags tucked away in dust bags, and those of you who have gone all ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ and hidden their shoes inside mountains of shoeboxes. Get them out and enjoy them!
  1. Group items together in an orderly fashion. We feel that keeping items together in groups, such as dresses, denims, blouses etc. work well. When ordering, go from light to dark, for example, start with your dark jeans than work your way to white, this is both easy to manage and looks great. Apply this principle to everything. Jumpers are an exception here, hanging usually causes them to stretch so we recommend folding them neatly in a drawer, ordering by fabric and then popping in some cedar.
  1. Think about how you see your shoes. If you’re lucky enough to have an area where you can store shoes consider pointing one shoe forward and the other back, this allows you to see both the front and the heel height. Wipe all shoes down with a baby wipe so they are beautiful and dust free. If you’ve got flip flops and trainers then store those further back, they can make the overall look rather scruffy!

Whilst streamlining your closet may feel like an overwhelming job the long-term joy, not to mention time saving, to be had is huge. Imagine opening your wardrobe not only to know where everything is but also to only see the things you truly love.

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If you’re always dreamt of a wardrobe or dressing room to die for why not pop in and have a chat to one of our design team, obligation free? We even offer a range of payment plans to suit you, including interest free credit, subject to terms and conditions.

We hope you’ve found our advice useful & we look forward to seeing you soon,

The Bluebell Team.