Downsizing often requires bespoke storage as Janice and Tony found out..

Janice and Tony moved from a huge house. It had three cellars, large rooms, garage and plenty of space for the grandchildren when they came to stay.

This delightful couple had reached retirement and, as so many people do, they decided to downsize to a semi-detached home in Flixton where Janice could still have her potting shed.


Janice explained that on moving here they needed places for “stuff”; bits and pieces, books, videos, table cloths, kids crafts and more besides. In this home they have no garage but every square inch is very well organised.

Despite being aware of other furniture companies, and often passing the Bluebell Fitted Furniture showrooms in Sale, they decided to pop in and were greeted by a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

It’s interesting that, as with all types of things in life, if something catches your eye, then you’re hooked .. and this is what happened to Janice and Tony. They saw textures and finishes in the showroom that they had not seen elsewhere.


They had considered other cheap well-known Swedish flat pack options, but realised after looking on the Bluebell’s website and in the extensive showrooms .. that it just wouldn’t do…. they wanted it their way!

As Tony was a senior coordinator for a huge international company and Janice a paediatric nursing sister before retiring, they recognised the quality and flexible accommodating professional service that Bluebell offered compared to other solutions.

They are still in the middle of the refurbishment of their new home but the lounge unit is exactly what they wanted after taking an old fireplace out.




Space was really important to them both, and by working with James, one of the experienced Bluebell designers, together they got exactly what they wanted… without compromise.



The bedroom for the grandchildren looks bright and modern with sliding doors and custom made storage inside. Even the headboards and drawers match.

The end results were rewarding, with furniture to their taste, their personal requirements met and with a no-fuss approach to problem-solving from Bluebell.