Exciting Library Project

Tony & Shaun share a mutual love of reading and in early 2014 they talked about the possibility of having a library at home to display and enjoy their vast collection of books.  The couple own a beautiful Georgian home in Sale with striking features, one of which is the building’s incredibly high ceilings.

It was clear that Tony & Shaun’s library would need to be entirely bespoke so they thought of us. Tony used to live behind the Bluebell showroom and was aware of the sort of work that we do, so it seemed natural to set up a meeting to go through their brief.

Our designers came up with some striking and functional ideas for concealing the radiators whilst allowing the heat to still flow around the room comfortably, as well how high the shelves would be and how Tony and Shaun would access the books on the higher shelves.  They decided on a ladder, which looks beautiful and makes a stunning touch to any library.

The couple were delighted with how professional the Bluebell team were whilst in their home and how careful they were with the books and the furniture.

Tony & Shaun were delighted with the completed work and things returned to normal.

Here is where our story becomes exciting…

Life was busy and the couple were planning their wedding at Manchester Town Hall to take place on the 29th July this year. The book collection continued to grow and the couple realised they would need more space but were busy with their marriage plans.  As the books were Shaun’s main passion Tony set about organising the extension of the library to be done as a surprise wedding present.

Tony held secret meetings with bluebell’s chief designer who project managed the library from start to finish.  The day before the wedding the keys were secretly dropped off at the showroom so that the work could take place while the couple said their vows!

Shaun was absolutely delighted with the construction of the rest of the couple’s library and returned to find everything completed, neat and tidy with a new home for the additional books.  All their books are now beautifully displayed in alphabetical order and organised into fiction and non-fiction categories.

The couple honeymooned at Walt Disney World and on their return they opened their gifts and cards from family and friends in their brand new completed library. They even found a book token from us as a wedding gift….at this rate it won’t be long before they need even more space for their books!

Working with Tony and Shaun has been an absolute pleasure and we have been delighted with all their positive feedback.   They spend a lot of time in their new library and have told all their admiring guests how pleased they were to have chosen Bluebell to carryout the work

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