What makes good customer service?

As a retailer selling quality, handmade, bespoke furniture we need to have a very good insight into what makes excellent customer service.  Our customers have high expectations of both our products and the service they receive.  This starts from the moment they make an enquiry to when the furniture is fitted.

For us, it’s not just about the quality and attention to detail in our furniture.  It is also, an unswerving belief in good old fashioned customer service, mixed with a healthy dose of traditional family values.  We listen and we care.

With this in mind here are our top 3 tips to wow your customers:

  • Be generous. Think of all the examples of great service you’ve encountered: free refills of coffee; a salesperson that spends a whole hour with you to answer all your questions.  Compare those with all the bad experiences you’ve had.  At Bluebell we believe in giving our customers our time. Time to help them choose the perfect kitchen or help them to find a solution to an awkward space. We do all of this in a no pressure environment.  So give your time and be generous.
  • Don’t trade on fancy gimmicks! Our belief is quality products at affordable prices with outstanding service, which we offer to all our customers old and new. It’s really important to let our customers know that our fitters are employed by Bluebell so everything is managed in house and everyone works to our own high standards.  Stick to your values and treat people as you would expect to be treated.

Empathy. Being able to look at a situation through the eyes of a customer is an extremely valuable skill that can enable you to provide the highest degree of service.  As a family business, family and home are integral to our being and so we understand that we are working with one of your prize possessions, your home.  You are not just another customer.  You are opening up your home to us, and there is nothing more personal than that, which is why the service and product you receive, is one of a personal and individual nature, bespoke to you and your family. You are making an important investment in your home; we will treat it with the respect it deserves.